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Today's goal is to provision a Microsoft Wondows 2003/2008 Server that will provide user management and authentication services.


Windows Server

Active Directory

Why: Active Directory provides a single solution for user management and authentication. And, like it or not, it's going to be needed to support user desktops, so it might as well be used by the production environment. And it's by far the easiest way to get Kerberos up and running. more

DNS/DHCP Service

This works best with Active Directory so we might as well use the Microsoft implementations (grit teeth...).

When configuring DHCP, set the following options

006 DNS Servers - IP address of this server
015 DNS Domain Name - Domain name to be appended to host names
042 NTP Servers
044 WINS/NBNS Servers - IP address of this server
066 Boot Server Host Name - Host name of your Cobbler server
067 Bootfile name - Set to "pxelinux.0" to be compatible with Cobbler.

Radius Service

On Windows this is known as Internet Authentication Service (IAS). This provides centralized authentication for the various devices that will be attached to your network.