Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure

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Enterprise Infrastructure using (mostly) Open Source.

These are some of my notes from a green fields project to put together a production infrastructure for a small company. The intent is to be sure that different mistakes are made next time I do this.

This a work in progress. Please bear with me.

  • Day 0

Otherwise known as planning. more...

  • Day 1

The goal on day 1 is to provision a single box that will be the core of the environment. If you're plnning to do 64 bit, make sure this box supports hardware virtualization. more...

  • Day 2

Today's goal is to provision a Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Server that will provide user management and authentication services. more...

  • Day 3

Today's goal is to install a configuration management system so the whole network can be managed as easily as with a single host. more...

  • Day 4

Now the magic starts to happen. We use yesterday's work to install network management components. more...

  • Day 5

And now it's time to install and test a provisioning infrastructure so more hosts can be built. more...

  • Day 6
  • Day 7

Enjoy a beer knowing that this infrastructure runs on auto-pilot, and that you'll be the first to know when there are problems.

  • Day 8

Start over again in second data-center so there's redundancy when power fails to your first data-center.