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This is a place for me to store random information related to Life, The Universe, and Everything else, both about me, and things I need to remember.

Imagine yourself reading somebody's notebook, that you've picked up on the street.

The primary audience for this Wiki is me - in six months time.

If you find anything that's grossly wrong, feel free to email me. And if you'd like an account, again feel free to email me. You'll have to guess my email address, but it's not difficult?


Why a Wiki

I'm not a professional journalist or blogger, and do not plan on making regular entries. A Wiki takes a lot longer to go stale.

You will find

  • Random sets of notes to jog my memory.
  • Primary reason for decisions.

You will not find

  • Rants.
  • Proprietary information. Even though I think information should be free and shared, I respect non-disclosure agreements, both formal and implied.
  • Negative information, as a general rule.
  • Obvious information. So no links to Home Depot, Amazon, or even FreePBX. As a general rule ...
  • Much personal information. Especially related to politics and religion.

The Logo

Is a picture of my border collie, aged 13 (65 in human years) when picture was taken, running as part of a team in a flyball tournament. Flyball requires persistence, consistency, teamwork and the ability to deal with obstacles. Possibly a good metaphor for life.