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Past Projects

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A sampling of past projects. Sorry, names have been obscured to protect the guilty.


Centralized Management

Organization wanted "one-stop" shopping for managing users and machines for both Linux and Windows.

  • Designed and implemented Ruby on Rails/Hobo application to populate MySQL database with user, group and machine/host information.
  • Implemented Perl scripts to use database to update:-
    • DNS(Bind)/DHCP - with host information
    • OpenLDAP - User, group and host information
    • Active Directory - User and group information
    • Sendmail - Email accounts and aliases
    • Mailman - Email list membership
    • Asterisk - Phone provisioning and extension management


CentOS/RHEL, Perl, Bash, Ruby, MySQL, Ruby, LDAP, DNS/DHCP, Active Directory, Nagios, Mailman, Asterisk

Technical Infrastructure

Start up organization needs to be able to provision and manage new infrastructure for Ruby on Rails and Java/Tomcat application quickly and reliably.

  • Deployed Cobbler.
  • Wrote scripts to automatically, and safely, replicate CentOS and Fedora Yum repositories.
  • Created local Yum repositories and built organization specific RPM's.
  • Implemented CFEngine for configuration management.
  • Implemented Nagios for monitoring and alerting.
    • Nagios is used to monitor both physical infrastructure and application.
  • Integrated environment with Active Directory.
    • Kerberos is used for authentication across whole environment.
    • Provides single point of user management, making for consistent account management.
  • Custom scripts glued components together


CentOS/RHEL, Cobbler, CFEngine, Nagios, Perl, Bash, Ruby, Java, MySQL, Solr, ActiveMQ, Modrails, Hudson, Tomcat, Apache, Active Directory, Kerberos

CVS Proxy Server

  • Organization is planning to distribute CVS repositories globally using Wandisco replication.
  • Globally distributed developers need need to connect to logically closest repository.

  • Implement proxy to accept CVS requests and forward them to logically closest available server.
  • Proxy also handles all the different CVS access methods, and normalizes the request.

  • Developers no longer need to understand CVS network and replication topology.
  • Developers no longe need to be aware of system downtime, as requests can automatically be redirected to alternate server.



Central Source Code Management

  • Organization was misplacing source code, resulting in inability to modify and upgrade production systems.
  • Inconsistent practices for backing up and archiving source code repositories.

  • Implemented a CVS server farm with replicated data distributed between multiple data centers.
  • Developed scripts and tools to enable users to provision, and self-manage, their source code repositories.

  • Over 100,000,000 lines of source code collected.
  • Over 1,000 repositories distributed between 6 servers.
  • 2 part-time administrators supporting 3,000 users.
  • Self-management enables a high level of user satisfaction.


CVS, Perl, RHEL, Python, Postgres, OpenLDAP, Apache, ViewVC

Collaborative Development

  • Development teams working in isolation, and not able to share information.
  • Inconsistent and duplicate implementations of Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

  • Managed the implementation of one of the first “within the firewall” implementations of an internal SourceForge web site.
  • Migrated site from Open Source implementation to SourceForge Enterprise Edition.
  • Integrated all tools with organization's single sign-on tools, and other infrastructure.
  • Evangelized services within organization. Provided training and support to user community.
  • Member of the vendor’s product advisory board.

  • Over 30,000 wiki pages created to share information.
  • Standardized model for meeting SOX requirements.


SourceForge Enterprise Edition, PHP, Perl, CVS, Postgres, CVS, JBoss, Java, Apache

Single Sign-on

  • Organization needed to use desktop credentials when accessing Linux/UNIX infrastructure.
  • Kerberos cross-domain authentication infrastructure was already in place, but no end-user tools available.
  • Open Source Putty SSH client for Microsoft Windows required complicated setup for each new host.

  • Modified Putty to work seamlessly within organizations environment.

  • Users can use desktop credentials to easily access any properly configured Linux/UNIX host.
  • Enables SSO for CVS and Subversion


Kerberos, Active Directory, MinGW, Putty

Not for Profit Community Website

  • NFP organization, with no paid staff, needed a community site for calendaring, knowledge sharing and retention, and membership management.
  • It also needed to be simple, with a single password for sign-on, and safe, to avoid unplanned information leakage.

  • Integrated open-source tools (Webcalendar, Mediawiki, Mailman, and a membership management program) with a single sign-on mechanism.


Mediawiki, PHP, MySQL, Apache, CentOS

Software Distribution

  • Organization was implementing a commercial product to provide a centralized software distribution and inventory services for Microsoft environment.
  • Project was not delivering due to significant feature creep, and lack of product stability for basic functions.
  • Mismatch of expectations for product functionality between vendor and organization.

  • Reduced project scope to immediate needs of organization.
  • Simplified implementation to help isolate potential causes of product stability issues.
  • Worked with vendor to stabilize product.
  • Used product database to generate custom reports, for management at all levels.
  • Worked with vendor and internal management, at all levels, to renegotiate purchase and support contracts.

  • Product is still being used today for software distribution to over 30,000 desktops.

Year 2000

  • Division of major financial institution needed to meet organization's internal certification requirements for Y2K.
  • Technical staff had almost no experience with formal testing.

  • Brought in testing consultants to assist each of the development groups meet testing and paperwork requirements.
  • Liaised with central Y2K program office.
  • Assisted development groups resolve problems.
  • Was part of division's Y2K command center.

  • Watched New York's Year 2000 firework display from conference room in downtown New York.
  • No significant Y2K issues.

Unix/Windows Integration

  • Organization was moving traders to a Windows NT based desktop, due to overwhelming user demand.
  • These was extensive investment in a Sun Workstation based infrastructure.
    • Including technical staff with little Microsoft experience.

  • Architected a hybrid environment with Windows NT desktop and Sun Solaris servers.
  • User interface to the environment was a Netscape browser that was responsible for launching both Windows NT and Solaris applications.
  • Sun servers using SMB/CIFS server software continued to provide most file services.

  • Organization was able to complete roll-out using existing applications and existing staff.

High Availability/System Reliability

  • Managed the group responsible for the development and product readiness of Fusion’s High Availability for Sun product.
  • This product was eventually sold to OpenVision which, in turn, was sold to Veritas.
  • Implementations of this product were still in use 10 years after initial release.

  • Before a system could go live, client needed near real-time replication of transactional data in Sybase database to backup data center.

  • Developed a warm backup facility for the Sybase SQL-Server using standard Transact-SQL commands.

  • System was able to go live.

Object Orientated Programming/Database Management

  • Client was developing a shipping system using Sybase and C++.
  • Technical staff had very limited experience in this paradigm.

  • Designed an object-orientated C++ interface to Sybase.
  • Designed and implemented code generators to generate C, C++ and SQL code from a Sybase data dictionary.

  • Programming staff were able to develop without knowing SQL or understanding details of database implementation.


  • Managed the development and support teams for a product that provided a link from the Wingz spreadsheet to SQL relational databases including Sybase and Oracle.
  • Managed a team porting Wingz from Motif to OpenLook.

Market Data

  • Developed an API for a proprietary Market Data server. Also designed and implemented a network distribution mechanism for market data.
  • Managed sub-systems responsible for reading Quotron Real Time Price feeds and broadcasting the data on Sun network for use by application programs.

Brokerage Trading System

  • Designed an order and execution report match database using the Sybase relational database. Created the modules to compose and analyze messages to and from the SIAC CMS systems.

Solids Modeling System

  • This was initially a very fast track (six weeks) design and implementation of an interactive front end to a third party batch Solids modeling program.
  • The second phase of this project was formalizing the initial work and the implementation of a graphics database to manage the 3D component descriptions.

Product Documentation

  • Developed documentation for a new range of EMI CAT Scanner products. Designed and wrote the operators quick reference cards.

Statistical Analysis

  • Implementation of Graphics Software for doing statistical analysis on EMI CAT Scanner images.