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SlingPlayer on Linux

Using Wine

Taken from my forum posting specifically related to eeePc, but should work in other Linux based environments as well.

I have SlingBox working under the standard eeepc Xandros/Linux distribution. The following is from memory.

I used the debian package for Wine version 0.9.49 from here:

with latest XP SlingPlayer version from Slingmedia.

and the following "native" dlls:

  • dxdiagn.dll
  • gdiplus.dll
  • msxml3r.dll
  • msxml3.dll
  • qcap.dll
  • quartz.dll

After installing Wine, run winecfg to set Windows version to "Windows XP", and click on the Audio tab to get that setup. Other than that, the defaults should be fine.

First time you run the SlingPlayer installer, it'll want to install an "updated" (9.5) version of Windows Media Player. Let it.

You may have to run the SlingPlayer installer a second time. SlingPlayer will not run unless the installer runs to completion.

Startup is a little slow. Also, I suggest disabling the visual remote, and learning the keyboard commands, as the screen repaints get very irritating.

A couple of environment variables you may find useful:

export WINEDEBUG=-all (stops all the debug messages)

export WINEPREFIX=/opt/slingplayer (tells Wine to use a different top directory)

And this overclocking page helps:-